Black Lives Matter. Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Black Lives Matter. Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At Dai, we believe in positive social impact, and we believe our actions, however incremental, can make a difference.⁠

1. As we've been listening, learning and reflecting this week, we're also proactively petitioning, donating, and doing. We have donated to Black Lives MatterBLM UK Fund and NAACP as a company and as individual members of the team.⁠

2. We handed out unbranded face masks at the peaceful protests in Parliament Square in London on 6 June. We support racial equality and we also support public health and safety.

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3. Beyond these immediate actions, we will be even more firmly committed to diversity, inclusion and human rights as a company.

• We’re committed to 15% full-time black employee representation
• We’ve had 20% black model representation and 55% non-white model representation thus far, and we will continue to advocate diversity across our imagery
• Our founder Joanna Dai is kicking off a black entrepreneur mentorship program. If you’re interested, please email

We're proud to show we are an ally through our actions, and we believe that as a brand we can help to impact change. #blacklivesmatter

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