Introducing our First Ever Circular Design

Introducing our First Ever Circular Design

Closing the loop never felt so soft. Meet our 360 Cashmere Sweater.

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By Dai Design

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Our first ever circular design, the 360 Cashmere Sweater is made from recycled cashmere that has been regenerated into a new life.

Made in Italy with Zero-Waste 

Made of 98% recycled post-consumer high-grade cashmere yarn which gets sorted and respun at our factory in Prato, Italy. This renewing process preserves the original colours of the fibres, which eliminates the use of dyes, additional chemicals, and excess water consumption. We add 2% virgin wool for extra yarn strength.

Recycled Cashmere

Our recycled cashmere is Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Certified. By using recycled materials, we’re helping to reduce our reliance on new resources (virgin raw materials, water and energy).

Why 360, you ask?

Because we’re going full circle and closing the loop. Each sweater is made from recycled and regenerated cashmere yarn. When you’ve worn yours out, return it back to us and we’ll renew it into a new life again. Yup, she is truly 360-degree circular by design.

"The damage done [from a linear economy] to the planet, and to our societies, is becoming shockingly clear. Climate change is progressing even more rapidly than anticipated."

We're closing the Loop

From an unknown drawer or a clothing donation somewhere around the world, fine cashmere is collected, sorted and spun into a new life at our recycling and luxury knitwear maker in Prato, Italy.

360 Recycling Program


Wear it out, then send it back. Our 360 Cashmere Sweater has been made to be remade, not thrown away.

Step 1: Love, wear and enjoy nature’s softest for 360 days.

Step 2: After 360 days, and if your sweater is in need of some TLC, you can start a return by easily contacting

Step 3: We will send you a free return label and £30 off* your next order, so you can post your sweater back for remaking.

Step 4: Pat yourself on the back. Your pre-loved 360 Cashmere Sweater is now on it's way to a new life.

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Each year millions of tonnes of clothes are produced, worn, and thrown away. Every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill.

- © Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Make An Impact

By choosing to wear our 360 Sweater, you choose to make a difference and start your journey with us into a truly circular economy. The wearing, recycling, and remaking helps prevent unnecessary waste from entering landfills. Only with your commitment, can we make the end of one product the beginning of another. So let’s grow old together and choose pieces that are built to last and are made with recycled and organic materials.

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