Dai DNA™ Styling Appointments

Dai DNA™ Styling Appointments

Our Dai DNA, fit to your DNA.

At Dai, we’re not shape-ist. As women, we come in uncountable shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what kind, we have something designed with your shape in mind. 

Understanding your body shape will empower you to make more considered and intelligent choices when curating your wardrobe. Our objective? To elevate your personal brand. Your result? To look elegant, feel confident, and make impact. 

How do you know what shape you are?

That’s what our Personal Stylist Team and Dai DNA™ fit technology are here for.

Our Stylists are experts, literally. We have created an innovative, tailored approach to map your unique body shape, resulting in your optimal look and fit to empower your best performance.  

What is body mapping?

Our DNA is to put your DNA front and center. We take your core measurements to not only determine your best Dai size and fit, but also to establish what your body shape is. Once you know your fundamental shape details, our expert Stylists are here to help you unlock countless insights for dressing for your body.

From there, your Stylist will introduce you to the key capsule pieces in the Dai collection that will highlight your features, accentuate your proportions, and elevate your personal image. You’ll leave with game-changing styling advice and intelligent hacks to raise your game and unlock your best performance. 

We’re on a mission to empower you to bring your best. Because you’re there to make impact.



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