Daialogue Conversations: International Women’s Day 2019

Daialogue Conversations: International Women’s Day 2019

In celebration of this International Women’s Day, we featured six inspirational Dai’namic women in a short film focusing on this year’s theme, Balance for Better.

To us at Dai, Balance for Better means gender equality and representation, an unceasing and necessary goal; the pursuit of work/life balance; but also, and importantly, balance within ourselves and our community. In a world where women are constantly told how we should be and what we could be doing better, there is power in simply standing up and applauding who we are.  

We speak to our customers every day and are very proud of the diverse range of shapes, backgrounds, professions and personalities they embody – and what better way to celebrate women than by placing you, the women that make our Dai community, in the spotlight?

So, on a Saturday not-so-long-ago, we invited six women from our customers, colleagues and friends to join us for a special shoot. We asked them to bring along their own Dai pieces, any finishing touches that made them feel great and, of course, their own amazing selves.

We are proud to present the result – our short feature film, focusing on our favourite question of the day. For a peek behind the scenes and our Top 3 moments on set, keep scrolling!


1. Capturing the Candid

Our film director Curtis Gibson used multiple camera angles to carefully capture more candid, intimate gestures and expressions from our leading ladies. Art director Courtney Bae closely guided the unique progression of footage with each of our Dai women, positioning herself around the set and working to make sure they felt comfortable in order to capture these intimate moments.

Heather Boldt on set wearing Trail Blazer Ivory, Straight Up Trousers Ivory and Gather Up Top Milk.

Between the coffee and snack runs and amongst the insightful conversations were some unexpected fun questions such as “if you were a colour, what colour would you be?” and “someone has just sent you an enormous cake, what’s your reaction?” – mostly leading to laughter and big smiles all around.


2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Iconic Necklace

The notorious RBG’s “dissent” collar-style necklace is now an iconic signature, and we love that lawyer-turned-marketing director Nisha channeled her inner-supreme court justice by bringing hers to the shoot. We also love that the makers of the necklace, Banana Republic, donated 50% of profits from sales on this necklace to ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project.

Nisha Deshmukh in East London wearing Eco Layer On Top and Flare Game Trousers Crimson


3. Effortlessly on the Move

Between filming on Stage 1 and photographing detail shots on Stage 2, the crew took to the streets with our Dai’namic women, putting our performance wear to the test. Educator Sabrina was a natural, showing us how she steps out of the office and into the evening.

Sabrina Natel walking the streets of London wearing Cream of the Crop Trousers Midnight, Cutting Edge Blazer Midnight and Gather Up Top Milk

We love what we were able to create together, and hope you do too.  Thoughts, comments, or want to join our next #daialogue shoot or nominate an inspirational #dainamicwoman you know? Email us at hi@daiwear.com. Until next time!

Video: Curtis Gibson, art direction: Courtney Bae, set furniture: Another Country


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