Easy Care = Forever Wear

Easy Care = Long Wear

Care for the clothes and the planet.

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Though our materials are high-quality and durable, we always recommend taking proper care to keep your high-performing wardrobe fresh, now and forever.


Our bestselling and classic styles are mostly made of Italian medium-weight, double-bonded knit jersey that’s made to last.

With countless interchangeable styles, we’ve got all the tops, bottoms, and layering pieces you’ll need to have a lifelong eco-friendly wardrobe.

01. Separate colours and fabrics

Always separate your laundry according to colour and fabric.

02. Full load or nothing

Minimise your water and energy consumption by waiting to have a full load. 75% of the energy consumption in clothes happens during the after-purchase use phase.

03. 30°C or below

Set you machine at 30° or below. By washing at 30°, you are saving 40% more energy than if you were to wash at 40°.

04. Love for your clothes

Add an eco-friendly detergent that’s good for your skin and the environment. Not only will you save resources, but your clothes will look newer for longer. Basically, find a soul mate for your clothing.

05. Air Dry

Discard the tumble dryer and become a humble dryer. Simply lay flat to dry in the energy-saving room temperature - it's free.

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Our guide to caring for your clothes

By Art Director Toni Caroline