How to Machine Wash Your Dai Blazer

How to Machine Wash Your Dai Blazer

Taking performance to the next level.

You dreamed, we materialised it. Yup, your favourite Dai Blazer is machine washable.

Foolproof Step 1

Have a small to moderately sized load with similar coloured Dai items - if you can't close the door, you're not doing it right. 


Foolproof Step 2

Switch the setting onto delicate or hand wash, and keep the temperature at 30 degrees or below. 


Foolproof Step 3 

Add your favourite delicate eco-friendly detergent. Our friends at The Laundress have a beautifully, lightly scented wash that's a match made in the machine for your Dai clothing. 


Foolproof Step 4 - THE HOLY GRAIL 

You really don't want to get this one wrong. As soon as the cycle is finished, remove your Blazer and gently flatten and reshape the shoulder pads and lapels into place.  Place on a hanger matching the width of the shoulders and let it dry in the energy-saving room temperature - it's free. 



Something not adding up or a first-timer? Email us at - we're here for you and your Dai. *Excludes Limited Edition Tux.


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The fine print: Generation one Dai Blazers cannot be machine washed. How do you know what Generation yours is? If your care label says made in Romania it is generation one.
Dai can accept no responsibility for any damage or loss arising from your care, use or handling of your Dai products with your washing machine.



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