The Psychology of Getting Dressed

The Psychology of Getting Dressed

First Zoom of February. A fellow female entrepreneur and I were brainstorming our conversation for her new podcast, and our first exchange was, “Well, at least Jan’s over. We made it. 11 to go.”

She wore her Power Move Trousers in Black over a black blouse, which she stretched her knee into the Zoom frame to show me, and I still get excited when I see our designs out in the world on real women. I was wearing my usual Dai uniform: an Eco Luxe Essential (today Eco Layer in melange grey) and a Dai trouser (Freedom Pant Regatta Navy).

Like so many of us, I’m also spending Monday through Friday on countless video calls. Coupled with lockdown and shorter daylight, it’s tough mentally and psychologically right now, and being proactive about wellbeing is so important.

The psychology of getting dressed. This is biggest theme to emerge from all of our conversations with customers in January. Our entire mission at Dai is comfort-empowered performance and the belief that what we wear links to how we feel. And pandemic of not, how we should feel is confident.

Backed by research. A study showed respondents getting dressed in business attire “felt most authoritative, trustworthy, and competent”. Another test used a white lab coat where Group A was told it was a “doctor’s coat” and Group B was told it was a “painter’s coat”. It’s results demonstrated that Group A had “increased sustained attention”.

Psychological boundaries of WFH. It’s important to delineate work life from home life. The simple act of getting dressed and wearing something smart allows you to carry your personal brand on-camera or off with that much more confidence. We’re establishing a more focused, intentional mindset for our entire day.

So keep the comfort, ditch the loungewear. How?

  • When everything stretches, is wrinkle-resistant and machine washable, your life becomes easier
  • Our Dai DNA™ Stylists curated Zoom Tops by Body Shape with tips and tricks for each shape
  • And if you’re not sure what shape you are, book a Dai DNA™ Body Mapping appointment or check out our quick video here

Good news in February.

  • The days are getting longer slowly but surely. We get 1.5h more daylight by 28 Feb
  • Our first ever jumpsuit is coming. I’m waitlisted too
  • Our most sustainable giveaway yet is coming to our IG. Follow us here
  • We have big plans to celebrate you, Dai’namic Women, ahead of IWD on 8 March

Until next time!

Joanna Dai
​Founder & CEO


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