Our Founder's Thoughts on Fashion Week

Our Founder's Thoughts on Fashion Week

It's fashion week. This is our same bestselling suit look from Collections One, Two, Three, Four and Five.⁠⁠

We believe in timeless design that's impactful season after season. The majority of what we sell is ten core evergreen styles that are proven and tested by you, and constantly being improved. If you buy a matching suit, you can be sure to come back and the matching separate to your original blazer will be there.⁠
With every new collection at Dai, we produce an average of eight new styles where we experiment with the latest eco fabrics, new silhouettes and styles based on your feedback to fit more body shapes, and a change in color palette and fabric weights to reflect the season.⁠


Cryan (@corporatestylestory) wears Trail Blazer Ivory, Eco Layer on Top Ivory and Collateral Pant Ivory
Yes, it's easy for fashion weeks to catch our eye and capture our imagination. They serve a purpose and celebrate the industry's best creative and artistic talent. But the current system is unsustainable. The pace at which designers have to create, typically 30-40 new styles and 4 seasons per year, to service an inflated demand from the press, buyers and ultimately consumers is unbelievably labor, resource and carbon exhausting. The ripple effect is for fast fashion players to take the latest trends from the runway and produce quickly and cheaply so everyone has access to wear and dispose runway trends.⁠
After decades of tremendous growth in this cycle, we're left today with so much waste. Nearly 60% of all clothing produced ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being made, and there are hundreds of more staggering statistics. This fashion week, let's praise the art of creation in this venerable industry, and let's all reflect on our own relationship with fashion to consume less and invest in better.


- Joanna Dai, Founder and CEO


Main Image: Katie (@honestlykate) wears Trail Blazer Midnight, Now and Forever Blouse Technical Sky 2.0 and Power Move Midnight 2.0



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