Trinny Woodall: “When is a suit more than a suit?”

Trinny Woodall: “When is a suit more than a suit?”

Accompanied by her upbeat energy and charisma, British fashion and make-up advisor, designer, and businesswoman Trinny Woodall showed up at ITV’s “This Morning” wearing head-to-toe in DAI to present an activewear segment for the programme.

Looking sharp in our Now and Forever Blouse Technical Sky (£145), Power Move Trousers Midnight (£190), and Trail Blazer Midnight (£395), Trinny placed our flexible fabrics to the test as she presented while doing squats and stretching motions. The incredible stretch of our double bonded fabrics prompted Holly Willoughby to feel the material for herself, agreeing that “it’s made of the same stuff as leggings”.


As the interview concludes, Trinny explains that she’ll wear the suit if she’s going to be walking everywhere or heading to a meeting while still looking put together without compromising on comfort.

Later in the day, she shared her DAI outfit of the day to her 350K followers on Instagram. Trinny remarks that DAI provides “crease-free perfection” that could “take you through the day”.

There’s so much stretch in their shirt, it’s made with a special fabric that I could literally run in a marathon. The trousers allow me to get down and dirty, and everything stays in place without any bagging. And the jacket, has an equal amount of stretch in it. 

The mission of DAI is simple: to create performance wear for women who mean business. We envisioned clothes that do everything your leisurewear does but with smart, tailored lines. So we designed a capsule collection that is thoughtfully functional and seamlessly versatile – to move you effortlessly through your fast-moving work-life hustle.

So, when is a suit more than a suit? It’s when clothes move at your speed.


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