Welcome to Collection Five

Welcome to Collection Five


“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

Coco Chanel

 This collection at Dai is inspired by our constant muse – our Dai’namic Woman. Strong and fearless, worldly and ambitious, she is a woman to notice, and a force of nature with a wardrobe to match. Sharp wardrobe classics modernised and with edge, emphasised by the tuxedo blazer with the wide leg tailored trousers. 

Simplicity inspired by strength, our styles never detract from flexibility and comfort. A new play on layering, high necks and lean lines add versatile depth to a capsule wardrobe and maintains easy sustainability, a core value for our woman. Luxe tonal dressing adds sophistication and fluidity, and longer line, skimming dresses and skirts are introduced as a new silhouette.
Classic colours are unified with a dramatic yet sophisticated new palette: copper and charcoal, cream and chalk, black and deep seafoam with feminine nods to ice pink and crimson red. 

Coming soon. Watch this space. 

Art Direction: Courtney Bae
Video: Jamie Korn
Models: Hazel Townsend, Katharina Nikelski
Stylist: Silvia Bifani
Hair and Make-up: Michelle Leandra
Set: London Business School


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