Welcome to Collection Four

Welcome to Collection Four

The Inspiration

A fresh new discovery this season where the brand takes off with a springing leap into an almost futuristic realm. Tied together with elements inspired by vintage Palm Spring summers, playful ultramodern vibes, and a surreal fluidity, our Dai women stand together, side by side, to share with you the power of the modern woman in all her character. 

“This collection emphasises our ever-present nod to the geometric line with the introduction of the stripe. Our focus and commitment on sustainable endeavours is stronger than ever with the introduction of the stripe ECO-PRINT fabric, regenerated 'circular economy' yarns and new multi-wear designs.” 

– Joanna Dai, Founder

Dai moodboard

Next Generation Sustainable Style

Sustainability and style is a founding principle and a fundamental ethos in everything we do. With each collection, we continue design the clothes you love with our planet and environmental in mind.

For Collection Four, we introduce two new, revolutionary performance fabrics: REVIVE and ECO-PRINT:

  • REVIVE uses regenerated polyamide yarns by ECONYL® from recycled resources such as discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff and tulle
  • ECO-PRINT uses a new innovative printing process that reduces water consumption by 50% and carbon emissions by 35%. Per square meter of fabric, that's enough to charge your smartphone 223 times


Back to Base Blouse Stripe ECO-PRINT

Our Shoot, Our Way

As a play on our value of transparency, the studio set design this season was crafted from 100% zero waste recycled goods, including a translucent texture sheet from discarded packaging. We re-envisioned end-of-life goods and upcycled as much as we could to create our futuristic vision of a clean, summery mood. In turn, our set also came to life without purchasing new materials that would later need to be discarded.

Layered in between our recycled frosted sheet and sky blue backdrop are our Butterfly Palm plants borrowed from our studio. Hints of palm leaves hidden behind the opaque layer serves as a subtle nod to the general lack of transparency within the fashion industry and its impact on our planet. 


Dai Collection Four Cutting Edge Blazer Charcoal Print

Our models' minimal, geometric earrings are made by in-house by our design atelier from clear recycled clear plastic bottles, another ethereally transparent accessory accent and thoughtful elevation to our zero-waste campaign shoot.

For final styling touches to our looks, we collaborated with like-minded sustainable brands, giving a platform to those who share our passion for planet-friendly style. 

  • Our models carry Mashu’s luxurious, butter-soft vegan box bags in chic pastel colours. Mashy's modern luxe bags in fresh colours perfectly complement Dai's clean silhouettes and colour palette this season. Like us, Mashu’s bags are designed in London and made in Europe with sustainability and innovative materials at its core. The bags are lined with a soft vegan suede made of recycled bottles and recycled polyester, and are also 100% recyclable

  • We pair our elegant tailoring with Ethletic Sneakers’ award-winning, fairtrade vegan tennis shoes (made of certified organic cotton and sustainable rubber) for a modern, relaxed vibe


Dai Collection Four

Dai empowers its woman – the independent, effortlessly confident female -- with a voice that is strong and ultramodern, and an ethos that is planet conscious and powerful. 

We’re proud to have created a beautiful campaign that is conscious, environmentally responsible and aligned to everything we do at Dai. View the full lookbook here.



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