5 Year Power Move Guarantee

What Power Move™ Products Fall under the 5-Year Guarantee?

The below listed products are covered by our Guarantee on purchases made after 17.03.22.

1. High Power Move™ 3.0

2. Power Move™ 3.0

3. Power Move™ FLOW Legging


What is covered under the Dai 5 Year Guarantee? 

Dai is proud of the quality and performance of all our garments. Items covered under our 5 Year Guarantee will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of Dai where despite ‘reasonable wear & care’ of the garment, it has failed to meet our high standards of performance.

Dai garments are designed for long lifecycle and durability, if care instructions are followed carefully. If your Product appears worn out, then it may be time to replace your product and we hope that Dai will be a part of your next buying decision.

‘Reasonable wear and care’ will be determined by discretion by a member of the Dai team who shall take into account at least the following factors: the type and nature of the garment, the nature of the use of the garment, nature of the garment issue involved, and age of the Garment. We will need accurate information in order to complete our assessment.

Examples of things that shouldn't happen: fabric pilling or ripping, extreme colour fading, stitching coming away, zip breaking, hook-and-bar falling.


What if I have an issue with my Dai garment?

Simply email experience@daiwear.com, share with us what’s happened with some supporting images and we'll be happy to help. Here, you can let us know a bit more information about you and your garment including what kind of issue you’re experiencing.

For UK based requests we’ll also pay for shipping if you purchased your garment within a year. Once we've received your request, we'll complete a full review and let you know how we can help.


How long will it take for my garment to be assessed or repaired?

We do our best to review your product as quickly as possible, aiming to respond 5 to 7 days after we have received your garment. As we work on your request, we will be in touch with any important updates along the way.

Repair is not included in the assessment time, however if your garment can be repaired by us, we will let you know and confirm the estimated time for the repairs to be completed as well.


What if my garment is not covered by Dai’s 5 Year Guarantee?

We care deeply about making garments to last. We want to start by offering our 5 Year Guarantee on our Power Move Family first but we do intend to extend this to all our products over time.

If you feel disappointed with the performance of any of our garments, please do reach out to us at experience@daiwear.com or come to visit us in our London store and tell us about it. We’ll always do our best to help.


How are shipping costs managed?

We will cover the shipping for all garments purchased within a year to be assessed for repair, replacement or return.

For garments purchased more than one year ago, we ask that you arrange for your product to be shipped to us and for any UK based request we will cover any shipping costs for returning the product to you.

The Dai team will guide you through the process whether you’re online or you visit us in store. To minimise the shipping footprint, we do encourage you to consider bringing the garment to our London store if you are able to.