The world is better when women succeed.
We deliver comfort-empowered performance.

It happened on a flight

Before I tell you everything you need to know about Dai, a story…

Eight years into my investment banking career, I had my fair share of long days. On that particular day, I had my 4am cab pickup, the first flight out of London, a day of meetings around Stockholm, and the last flight back at 8pm.

When I finally sat down on my return flight, my waistband was digging in, nothing stretched, and I was uncomfortable. I wished I were in my yoga kit.

Then, my a-ha moment. I thought to myself, 'could this feel like yoga and still look like a power suit?'

As women, we want to reach the top. I want to build a world where our clothes do not restrict us, but rather empower us. Because comfort is confidence.

(Here’s me talking about our true why and purpose and taking you BTS with our talented team at Dai.)

Welcome to revolutionary comfort

Growing up in Orange County, California, that sunny beach lifestyle and feeling of effortless ease had always been ingrained in me. As my journey took me to big cities, my design aesthetic harmonised with London’s timeless clean tailoring and NYC’s forward-thinking spirit and attitude.

Yet, when it came to dressing for my fast-paced trading floor career, I was mostly underwhelmed and frustrated. I envisioned a brand where clothes moved at the speed of this unapologetically high-performing woman. I envisioned timeless designs that delivered performance, versatility and function.

So yes, we are using performance 4-way stretch, machine washable, wrinkle resistant fabrics and designing the most comfortable clothes in the world. We’re never done pushing the boundaries on innovation and sustainability.

Driving positive impact

Speaking of sustainability…

It's no secret: fashion, as an industry, has been bad for our planet.

When I started Dai in 2017, I made the commitment to do good for our planet and people through our brand and platform. Planet-friendly fabrics are just the beginning. Sustainability is woven into every fibre of our brand DNA and extends to everything we do, everyday.

Three years on, we are proud to achieve our Certified B Corporation status, joining the global community of companies reinventing business as a powerful force for good. Learn more about everything we're doing here.

We have so much more to achieve as a company, an industry, and as consumers. Our journey is just beginning, and I hope you will join us to do better.

Joanna Dai, Founder