It all begins with our people.

When it comes to delivering you comfort empowered performance, our process passes the hands of so many talented people.

From the first conception of a design idea to the person handing you your parcel, every person is as important as the first and last.

It doesn’t stop there. Our community, customers, shareholders and suppliers all shape how we make a positive impact through our products and brand.

Ethical Supply Chain


of our suppliers have signed the Dai Supplier Codes of Conduct, encompassing the United Nation’s declarations and conventions covering human rights, environmental sustainability, and anti corruption.

You can read the Dai Supplier Codes of Conduct here.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to a diverse workforce and talent representation with targets for minority and underrepresented social groups as we scale.


of our full time team are from racial minorities


of our model representation are non white and 20% are black in 2018 and 2019


of our board members and investors are women

Employee Wellbeing and Development

A company culture starts with its people. At Dai, we are committed to fair pay, wellbeing and career development of our employees.

Fashion is widely known for underpaying. No matter the seniority, everyone is paid at or above the London Living Wage

We inspire and motivate each other on health and wellbeing, physically and mentally, by promoting:

  • Carbon free cycle to work programme
  • Allowances for fitness & health
  • Paid volunteering time
  • Staff social events

We nurture knowledge, growth and career development across the business, industry and personal interests.

“Balance is everything to me. We all have a purpose beyond the office and I feel this is encouraged and nurtured at Dai. Working at a young company, I've also had tremendous opportunity for career development and personal growth. I am constantly learning on new projects, developing new skills and reaching outside of my comfort zone.”

“At Dai, I feel celebrated for being myself, sharing vulnerabilities, and striving for a better work life balance. This is the first time in my career I’ve felt perfectly justified to go out for a bike ride in the middle of the workday!”