The Ultimate Performance Wardrobe Guide

Hey Dai'namic Woman! It's founder Joanna Dai here. More than anyone (although I know a few of you who also put our clothes through intense testing), I live and breathe in my Dai wardrobe, like it's my job or something.

A week in the life
: I cycle to work and skip the outfit change. On days when I'm not cycling, I'm running around the city in back-to-back meetings — it's usually a bit more formal with a long tailored coat, and bike theft risk keeps me from riding. I hit up yoga or the indoor climbing gym after work. I even make it to a drink with friends, our team, or date night. Weekends in Dai? 100%.

So for me, everyday is a wear-test. And since I get asked a lot about what I wear, here's my guide for our Ultimate Performance Wardrobe.

1. For WFH, Lounging and Travel: Naming our styles is kind of a ritual around here, and these style names speak for themselves —Lounge Sweater and Treat Yourself Jogger. We envisioned this supersoft merino knitwear set to be the ultimate at-home luxury that's smart enough to wear out.

2. Cycle to Work, Work to Weekend: Our single greatest invention out of the pandemic is our FLOW Collection, which stands for, For Life Or Work. The Freedom Jogger has been our #1 WFH style and my go-to commute pant because the smartphone zip-pocket is genius. I flew to LA over Christmas in my FLOW Scuba Sweatshirt.


3. The One Hit Wonder: Literally. My Jumpstart Jumpsuit looks tailored and smart for work meetings and events, but is super comfy and flexible with its culotte shape for WFH and running around town. It's no wonder it sold out in 4 hours and we couldn't restock it fast enough all year.

For extra smart vibes, throw on our Trail Blazer Textured Grey.

 4. Feels Like Yoga, Looks Like Business: Our core bestsellers just got an upgrade in an ultra-modern yet timelessly versatile new colour, Espresso (so good, you'll be buzzing all day).

For those with 75% black or navy in your wardrobe (raising my hand), Espresso is a neutral and flattering new colour to layer in and match back to everything. Styled here with Trail Blazer, Sharp Shooter, and Eco Layer On Top Cinnamon.


5. The Work to Workout: We're all channelling Lorelle, our incredibly energetic model, who took our ambitious vision and monkeyed up and down the climbing wall like an absolute pro.

Our brief for her? A photo of me wear-testing our Power Move FLOW Legging and Dai'namic FLOW Top. I started climbing out of lockdown, and it's been a great Friday night switch-off-from-work (but pack light, no outfit change) activity. Shot at my favourite London climbing gym, Yonder.

The new normal is comfy, and we're here for it.

6. Work From Anywhere: The new normal is comfy, and we're here for it. It's where we started and where we always go back to.

No matter what day of the week it is, our soft, easy-care knitwear styles and tailored-yet-loungeworthy trousers are ready to keep you comfy and chic. Styled here with 360 Cashmere Sweater (our first ever circular design) and Line Up Trousers.

7. Our Performance Bestsellers: Last but certainly not least, our Power Move™ Family, Trail Blazer™ and Eco Luxe Essentials are here to stay. Tried and true, these style continue to deliver the ultimate comfort and performance.

With our latest generations, our Power Move and Trail Blazer styles are more planet-friendly than ever with GRS certified recycled yarns in over 40% of the styles, and Eco Luxe Essentials made from 94% certified biodegradable yarns.