Let's be real. The first week of January is always rough. It's dark and dreary outside, and for most of us, the year (professionally) starts back at zero. 

Well, this year is... exceptional. As if the first Monday back isn't hard enough on a normal year, for everyone in our community in the UK, we closed yesterday evening with the third national lockdown announced on the telly.

Hours before this at Dai HQ, we openly shared how we're feeling about the prospect of this new year. Many of us are from far away — California, Hong Kong, the Land Down Under to name a few — and didn't make it home to see our families.

The rumblings around the virtual table at our first all-hands meeting? "The word 'resolutions' doesn't make sense this year" and "not even attempting Dry January" were amongst them.

Up til that point, I thought I was the most anxious person in the room, and that my team would be back refreshed, energised and ready to kick my ass. I thought I had the worst case of the Sunday blues. I mustered up 2 new year's resolutions and thought to myself, good enough. I had made my peace and put my game face on.

Here's what I took away from my first day back:
  1. There's no right or wrong way to enter into 2021. Whether you're drinking, not drinking, exercising, not exercising, eating, cooking, Netflixing, doing whatever you want (within social distancing restrictions) that makes you feel better, go for it
  2. Everyone is going through a tough time, and we're all human and just doing our best
  3. Socialise (virtually, distantly, safely). Isolation is not healthy. Make time to speak to each other, and be honest when you do because 2.
Finally, there's a reason why we're Dai'namic women. We motivate, we push forward, we transcend. If this is Groundhog Day IRL, whether you've seen the 1993 Bill Murray movie or not, we can transcend this. Let's wake up each day shifting our perspectives and making the most out of this. And if the last pandemic was over 100 years ago, this might be it — the last lockdown in this lifetime. Knock on wood.

During the first lockdown, you shared with us the kind things you did for others, the different skills you picked up, and new things you learned. We can do it again, we can do it together, and this time, there's actually light at the end of the tunnel. 

So for the rest of January, we are doing and sharing self-love things we think you'll enjoy across all our channels.
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We SO got this. See you on the other side.

Joanna Dai
Founder and CEO

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