Collection 4 Preview: The Power of the Modern Woman

Collection 4 Preview: The Power of the Modern Woman

The Inspiration

A fresh new discovery this season where we take off with a springing leap into an almost futuristic realm. Tied together with elements inspired by vintage Palm Spring summers, playful ultramodern vibes, and a surreal fluidity, our Dai women stand together, side by side, to share with you the power of the modern woman in all her character. 

The Collection

An ever-present nod to the geometric line is emphasised by the introduction of the brand’s stripe eco-print. Our newest sustainable endeavours also include regenerated yarns and multi-wear designs, plunging us further into the brand’s eco commitment.

The Set and Shoot

As a play on our value of transparency, the studio set design this season was crafted from 100% zero waste recycled goods, including a translucent texture sheet from discarded packaging and earrings made by our design atelier from clear recycled plastic bottles. All other styling accessories were sourced from sustainable peer brands.

Dai empowers its woman – the independent, effortlessly confident female – with a voice that is strong, ultramodern, and reverberates because she knows no fear.

Our newest collection pieces land starting this June.


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