Dai'namic Woman: Cyran Field-Bampton

Cyran Field-Bampton

Award-nominated fashion, lifestyle, and personal development content creator.

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Photos by Helene Sandberg

For our final Dai’namic Women Series, we reconnected with some of our original Trailblazers to hear about their journey with Dai and how their favourite pieces have empowered them in their everyday lives. 

In today’s interview, we meet Cyran, a lawyer and working mother who created the fashion, lifestyle and personal development platform, Corporate Style Story.

Photo: Cyran Field-Bampton wears our BAU Blazer, High Rise Pleat Pants and our Now and Forever Silk Shirt.

Tell us about what you do? 

I’ve been creating content for  about seven years. It initially started out as workwear because I've always enjoyed dressing for work, but it has now  become more lifestyle focused. I share the ins and outs of navigating having a child and a career and how my style blends into it. 

What is your relationship with fashion?

I'm always taking it in: I take in other people's style, and I'm a big tactile shopper. So as much as I love browsing online, I really love  going to the shops and touching material and trying on. Not many people like this nowadays, they like to try things on at home.

For me, I like to see how they style the clothes in store, so it's very much a visual thing for me. 

Photo: Cyran Field-Bampton wears our 24/7 Relaxed Shirt, Low Key Tee and Liberty Trouser Parallel Leg

What do you love most about Dai?

I love the story behind Dai. Hearing how the founder Joanna travelled so much for work and was driven to wanted something comfortable to wear really resonates with me. Joanna is like all of us, trying to get from one place to the next whilst looking good but still feeling comfortable.  

That’s the number on thing I find when I wear Dai - the comfort and the fit. Sustainability and B Corp are just the cherry on the cake!

What is your favourite Dai piece?

It has to be the Eco Layer On Top. I love a roll neck and that top has been everywhere with me!  When it starts getting a little chilly, I'll put that on because it's nice and soft. It's really versatile and it wears and washes really well. It's a great all-rounder, and I've even taken it skiing with me where it's been a base layer.

Where have your Dai pieces taken you?

I did quite a few interviews during lockdown and the Trail Blazer™ was my absolute favourite, because it just instantly made me feel like I was in an interview. You could see all of the seams and the panels and it just gives that put-together, polished look. Normally on video you can't pick up all of the details but you can with the Trail Blazer™. When I wear it in real life, people always comment on it. It feels really good, it fits well, and it just feels put together and I feel like I am very purposeful.

What skills do you think women should cultivate to empower them in their career?

For me, it is negotiation. I think it's really important that we ask. When you look at the data, women do not ask. I was raised with the mantra that if you don't ask, you don't get, and you'd be surprised how much just asking the question can open conversation, build relationships, and allow you to curate a life that you feel like you've had control over.

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