Dai'namic Woman: Lizzie Edwards

Lizzie Edwards

Model, author, personal stylist and founder of Elevate, a style membership for professional women.

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Photos by Helene Sandberg

For our final Dai’namic Women Series, we reconnected with some of our original Trailblazers to hear about their journey with Dai, and how their favourite pieces have empowered them in their everyday lives. 

In today’s interview we meet Lizzie Edwards, a personal stylist and the founder of Elevate, a style membership for professional women. 

Spending over a decade in modelling, and working with some of the big fashion names including Karl Lagerfield and Issey Miyake, Lizzie took this experience to start her personal styling business in 2005.

A published author with 'Look Like The Leader You Are; A Seven-Step Style Strategy For Ambitious Women', Lizzie has helped thousands of women find confidence through building their own personal brand to help them achieve their own ambitions. 

Lizzie Edwards wears the Bau Blazer Blue London Check with the matching High Rise Pleat Pants Blue London Check and a Eco Layer on Top in Black

What is the best advice for young women coming up in their careers?

The best advice I would give someone starting out from the very beginning is to think of yourself as a personal brand. You don’t have to have a massive budget if you shop consciously, and you make sure you are choosing items you know you are going to wear again and again.

What is your own personal relationship like with fashion? 

I’m actually not that into fashion! I’ve got quite a classic style, I like things that are going to last me a long time - I don’t like items that are just for one season. I like quite simple things that are timeless. 

Lizzie wears Wrap Me Up in Regatta Navy and Eco Layer on Top in Black

What do you love about Dai? 

I love the comfort - I’m all about comfortable clothes! I love that it is sustainable too. And they are all pieces you can have in your wardrobe for years to come. I know the Dai pieces I have I will be wearing in 5, 10 years time and they won’t be out of style. 

 What is your favourite Dai piece and why?

My favourite Dai piece are the Liberty Pants. I just think that they're super comfortable, they're again a classic, they look smart but they can easily wear them when I'm sitting at home. I style them with the 360 Cashmere Sweater with the roll neck in Navy - that’s another firm favourite. 

Lizzie wears our 360 Cashmere in Midnight with our Line Up Trousers in Black

What are you currently reading, listening to, and watching?

I am watching The Bear. I am reading The Skeleton Key, and I am currently listening to Taylor Swift, but not the new album, the old one - I still like 1989 the best!

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