Introducing the Every Collection

Introducing the Every Collection

Our inspiration is you, the Dai’namic Woman, and we’re always listening and taking action. We were founded in 2017 to solve a problem: deliver comfort-empowered performance for women who mean business.

We’ve all been impacted this year, and at Dai, we recognised the need for performance and versatility more than ever. This year, we’re all the more inspired by you.

Ambition never left, yet women have stepped up in every way around the home and for your families. The majority of us are balancing the “double shift” whilst WFH and transitioning back to office. We’re even commuting distanced on a bike or walking in.

I’ve been listening to your hero stories and reading the evidence that, on the balance, the pandemic has been negative on women.

  • McKinsey reports one in four women are now contemplating downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce completely
  • The IMF warns the reversal of gender equality progress all over the world

Meanwhile, 75% of you asked us to design everyday essentials. And to you, this meant comfortable, versatile, high quality, easy care and sustainable wardrobe staples.

Our mission at Dai has always been to empower women through what we do best: comfort-empowered performance. This is the new work-life balance, and we are never done delivering solutions to empower you. For the:

Every day.
Every where.
Every time.
Every thing,
Every woman.

Welcome to the Every Collection. Your exclusive early access starts here.

Joanna Dai
Founder & CEO


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