REVIVE: Made from Regenerated Yarns

REVIVE: Made from Regenerated Yarns

With sustainability and innovation at the core of our brand, we continue to develop and integrate the latest eco textile technology and circular economy endeavours into styles you’ll love. As part of our newest Collection Four, we are proud to introduce our newest fabric regenerated from recycled resources. Meet REVIVE.

What is REVIVE and why is it circular?

Our REVIVE fabric is composed of 65% recycled polyamide (aka nylon) from ECONYL®,the leader in closed-loop regenerated nylon from discarded industrial resources, and 35% Lycra® elastane. REVIVE is a fabric that embodies our core principles of sustainability and our move towards a circular economy.

A high-quality, recycled fabric that is produced from our sustainable mill in Italy, 65% of REVIVE is made of infinitely recyclable ECONYL® yarn. The ECONYL yarn is a 100% regenerated polyamide yarn that is derived from discarded pre- and post-industrial goods, such as fishing nets, carpet fluff and tulle. A typical garment made out of nylon would use new, non-recycled yarns, meaning new virgin resources would be used to produce the yarns.

Nylon is best known for its superior performance properties, which allows fabrics to be 4-way stretch, breathability, anti-pilling, wrinkle resistant, and last through cycles of machine wash on low temperatures. In applying principles of a circular economy, discarded nylon from landfills and oceans around the world can now be transformed into regenerated nylon at the same premium performance quality as brand new nylon. This allows us to pursue our sustainability goals at no cost to the quality of our clothes.

Where are we using REVIVE?

For our latest Collection, we are using REVIVE in our new REVIVE Oversized Box Top. With the nylon component of the fabric coming from recycled resources, this top is a great sustainable alternative to traditional fabrics. The other 35% is elastane, which gives the fabric its stretch and performance, and currently, textile technology is being developed to break down, recycle and reuse elastane yarns.

The REVIVE Oversized Box Top is super comfy with a luxurious hand-feel and is easy-to-wear. It features laser cut technology on the sleeve edging, and is the perfect office formal to smart casual piece this summer.

Now available in black for £95.


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