Success is not just defined by work, but life. Through the past 12 months, we persevered, we built resilience, we transcended.

That's why this International Women's Day, we want to celebrate all women.

How This Works


We want to celebrate all women. These are not normal times, so why limit our achievements to only professional ones.

Tell us something you're proud of this past year (professional ones too, of course), e.g.

  • New job, promotion, pay raise
  • Taking time off to care for a loved one
  • "Double duty" of childcare and work
  • New mum returning to work
  • Being a single mum
  • Closing a fundraise in lockdown


Nominate yourself, tell us your story
Do it. Seriously women do not self-promote enough. Read more here.


Nominate an inspiring friend or colleague
If selected, they will receive an email from us about receiving their award.

Submissions are considered on a rolling basis. Too busy now?

Remind me later


Trailblazer™ Award recipients get:

  • A £50 Dai Gift Card
  • An exclusive invite to our club
  • A limited edition Do or Dai Tote
  • A cocktail from our friends at NIO

More importantly, we're celebrating you and your circle of inspiring stories.

"We've all gone through a lot the past year, and I'm amazed by your stories and resilience. Being a Trailblazer doesn't only happen in the workplace. It happens everyday, everywhere. And we should celebrate that."

- Joanna Dai, Founder & CEO

Read about our Trailblazers.

I mustered up the courage to quit my job during the pandemic

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After my maternity leave, I made a conscious decision to continue working despite being clinically extremely vulnerable

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Proud to be a survivor, and so excited to help other women do the same

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More Trailblazers will be announced on a rolling basis. Come back to read their stories.

Your Questions, Answered.


When is the nomination deadline?
March 8, 2021 23:59 GMT (18:59 EST) through the form provided.

How many nominations can I submit?
Each person can submit up to five nominations, including one for herself.

Can non-UK residents be nominated?
Yes! We'll ship the award gift package without the cocktail (sadly) due to customs restrictions. US residents will receive a $60 gift card.

Can I nominate someone I do not personally know?
You may, but you'll need to provide contact details of the nominee in order for us reach out to her about the award.

What do I have to provide in the submission?
We like keeping things simple. We simply need the nominee's: (1) name, (2) contact info, (3) occupation/title, (4) story. There's an optional step to attach photos and supporting documentation.


Who decides on the awards?
An internal panel at Dai including our Founder & CEO Joanna Dai will be reviewing each and every submission.

What is your decision criteria?
We're all about inclusivity at Dai. We would like to recognise every woman who has done something extraordinary, be it at home, at work, or in her community. If it feels like an achievement to you, that is good enough for us.

How many awards are you giving out?
This is not a contest. We'd like to award every woman who submits a genuine and meaningful story.

Does it matter how many times a person is nominated?
For us, quality is more important than quantity. This is not a popularity vote, so the number of times a person is nominated will not impact our decision.


What happens after I nominate a friend or colleague?
If she's awarded, we'll inform both of you via email and arrange shipping of her Trailblazer™ gift package.

How will awards be announced?
Awards will be announced on a rolling basis starting March 1 via email. We'll also announce you on our website and social media accounts if you elect to publish in the form.

Will my name and story be shared publicly? I am concerned about privacy.
We understand. On the nomination form, you can tell us whether you'd like your story and photo to be shared. You also have the option to be recognised as only your first name and/or occupation/title. We do encourage those who can to share and continue the circle of inspiration!

When will I receive my award?
We expect to ship the majority of awards by International Women's Day (March 8).